| Our Team

The core competencies of AliquantumRx Inc. include a deep understanding of Plasmodium biology, pathology, clinical presentations and diagnosis of malaria, as well as available prophylactic and therapeutic measures.

The team assembled provides solid experience in pre-clinical and clinical drug development, chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) and regulatory submissions associated with them and IP protection through trademarks, copyrights and patents.

The two principals of AliquantumRx, David Sullivan, MD and Nikola Kaludov, PhD have been working together in various capacities on novel anti-malarials since 2011.

AliquantumRx Inc. is a virtual client of Fast Forward, an accelerator at Johns Hopkins University

David Sullivan

MD, Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Chair of the Board

• Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Malaria Research Institute

• Infectious Diseases clinician with more than 20+ years on all aspects of malaria research particularly field studies in endemic regions, drugs and diagnostics with over 100 malaria publications.

Nikola Kaludov

PhD, Co-Founder, President, Board Member

• Biotechnology scientist and entrepreneur with pre-clinical drug development experience.

Frederick D. Ambramson

PhD, JD, Legal Advisor, Board Member

• Experienced attorney with 5 decades experience in computer software and systems, health and wellness, and IP protection through trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Hugh Young Rienhoff, Jr.

MD, Advisor

• Physician, entrepreneur and founder of several biotech companies. Dr. Rienhoff was the founder and CEO of FerroKin Biosciences, a development stage company that was acquired by Shire in 2012.

Amy Tapper

PhD, CMC Advisor

• Medicinal and Process Chemist with drug development and formulation experience at 5 biotechnology companies for 20 years.

Shayne C. Gad

PhD, DABT, Regulatory Advisor

• 38 years of broad-based experience in toxicology, drug and device development, statistics, and risk assessment.