2020 AliquantumRx receives TEDCO funding

 AliquantumRx Inc. announces a phase III MII funding for a project entitled “Development of Cethromycin salt (QB101) for the treatment of dormant malaria”. Created by the General Assembly and administered by TEDCO, the MII promotes the commercialization of research conducted in five qualifying Maryland universities. The initiative encourages universities to partner on commercialization proposals, strategies and funding sources. The MII program facilitates technology transfer from university labs to start-up companies and boosts economic development in Maryland.

The goal of this phase III project is to generate key preclinical data including studies to answer questions from the FDA required for IND submission, to generate additional data on the efficacy and toxicity of QB101 to support regulatory and patent filings and to attract potential investors/partners. Nikola Kaludov, PhD, president and acting CEO of AliquantumRx Inc. will serve as the principle investigator. “Completion of this project will bring us closer to an IND filing and a subsequent phase 2 efficacy trial for dormant malaria” said Dr. David Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of AliquantumRx. “We are proud to continue receiving the support of TEDCO – Maryland’s innovation hub and economic engine for technology companies” added Dr. Sullivan.