2019 AliquantumRx Inc. Raises $500,000 from Angel Investors

AliquantumRx Inc. announces that it has attracted an initial capital investment of up to $500,000 from Triangle Partners, a Birmingham, AL based real estate and business development entity which takes equity and debt positions in real estate-based ventures and start up business ventures. The funds will be used for scale-up synthesis of cethromycin, studies to identify novel salts and polymorphs of cethromycin, as well as business-, patent- and regulatory-related expenses.

“Based on our due diligence, we are convinced AliquantumRx has a pathway to successfully develop their technology into a commercially profitable venture” said Michael Sullivan, one of the principles of Triangle Partners. “This initial angel investment will help us execute our business development, regulatory and patent strategy and will further advance the development of cethromycin as a novel antimalarial drug” said Nik Kaludov, PhD, President of AliquantumRx.