2019 AliquantumRx Inc. Signs a Licensing Agreement with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

AliquantumRx Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with JHTV for all of their IP rights to further develop, market and otherwise commercialize “Macrolide for Liver Stage Malaria”. The license is not a worldwide exclusive as another group jointly worked with JHU on the patent and retained their rights.

“We are happy that after almost 2 years of negotiations, we were able to secure a license to continue the development of cethromycin as an antimalarial prophylactic and therapeutic” said Dr. Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of AliquantumRx Inc. “We can finally start raising money and complete the studies necessary to bring this exciting new antimalarial drug to market. With its stellar safety profile, potent liver-stage and blood-stage activity and a new mechanism of action, cethromycin has the potential to improve lives worldwide.”