March 30, 2022 Clinical Trial Success Story

Clinical Trial Success Story: David Sullivan, MD, JHU-led Team Study Finds Convalescent Plasma Can Be Effective Early COVID-19 Therapy


“A key success criteria for AliquantumRx (AQR) is the ability to run complex clinical trials efficiently” said Nik Kaludov, President, AliquantumRx Inc.


One of the company’s founders and Chairman of the Board, David Sullivan MD, recently ran a nationwide double-blind, randomized, controlled trial testing convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 treatment. The study “found that if convalescent plasma is given to (a COVID-19 patient) within five days of diagnosis, the effectiveness at reducing hospitalizations approximated 80%”

The study was published in New England Journal of Medicine on May 5th 2022 (


“Future cethromycin trials are expected to be of similar scope and complexity” added Dr. Kaludov. “This success story shows that AQR is well positioned to execute its cethromycin development goals.”