2019 New Patent “Salts and Polymorphs of Cethromycin for the Treatment of Disease”

AliquantumRx Inc. announces the filing of a provisional patent application No. 62/942,508 entitled “Salts and Polymorphs of Cethromycin for the treatment of disease”.

“We are very excited to have discovered and patented a new salt formulation of cethromycin” said Dr. Sullivan, Chairman of the Board of AliquantumRx Inc. “Salts are easier to handle and manufacture and a polymorph drug may provide benefits such as better efficacy, solubility, shelf life, which can translate into increased adoption of the drug and higher sales. Since the chemical and composition patent of cethromycin expired in 2016, patenting a polymorph also starts an additional 20-year patent term.” “This is a game changer for Aliquantum” added Nik Kaludov, PhD, President of AliquantumRx. “With this new patent, we solved the non-exclusivity problem of the “Macrolide for liver-stage Malaria” patent that the company licensed from JHTV at the beginning of 2019. Additionally, cethromycin has broad spectrum activities against a variety of infectious disease agents. This new patent will allow us to pursue additional indications for cethromycin, affording multiple shots on goal and further de-risking its commercialization. Additional drug indications exist for drug resistant bacteria, agents of sexually transmitted diseases, bioterror microbes, diarrhea, and atypical respiratory infections. And last but not least, Cethromycin is active against Qualified Infectious Diseases pathogens, adding 5 years of marketing exclusivity and might qualify for various development incentives of the Orphan Drug Act, such as tax credits while AliquantumRx could be eligible for a Tropical Disease Priority Review Voucher.”

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